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Galvanize’s content helps increase the value you bring to your organization by providing a lens on emerging risk while staying on top of the latest regulatory requirements. It’s a platform for you to intelligently manage and execute on your strategic agenda. No matter if you’re a bank or credit union, we’ve curated content toolkits to facilitate cross-collaboration between your three lines of defense. In no time, they’ll be speaking one common language and using a common taxonomy.

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A toolkit is a curated set of tools aimed at addressing one area of risk or compliance.

For example, a toolkit might include a set of data analytics, a risk control framework, and a best practices program.

AML/ATF Compliance Toolkit

Identifying money laundering activity is not easy. Financial institutions can use this toolkit’s pre-built scripts to continuously analyze transaction data and find suspicious activity. BSA regulations and examiner procedures and tests also come pre-loaded with this toolkit. Save time and make it easier to help detect, deter, and report criminal and terrorist activity, and help protect the integrity of your organization.

  • BSA/AML Controls Assurance Data Analytic Scripts
  • FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering 2014
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1010) - General Provisions
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1020) - Rules for Banks
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1021) - Rules for Casinos and Card Clubs
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1022) - Rules for Money Services Businesses
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1023) - Rules for Brokers or Dealers in Securities
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1024) - Rules for Mutual Funds
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1025) - Rules for Insurance Companies (31 CFR 1025)
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1026) - Rules for Futures Commission Merchants and Introducing Brokers in Commodities
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1027) - Rules for Dealers in Precious Metals, Precious Stones, or Jewels
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1028) - Rules for Operators of Credit Card Systems
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1029) - Rules for Loan or Finance Companies
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1030) - Rules for Housing Government Sponsored Enterprises
  • FinCEN (31 CFR 1060) - Provisions Relating to the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010

EFT Risk Toolkit

Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) fraud remains a widespread problem for many financial institutions. This type of fraud is just as common with bank employees as it is with sophisticated hackers because funds can be transferred undetected and unauthorized. This toolkit includes great scripts on auditing various controls for the identification of ACH and EFT fraud so that you can quickly get setup to start mitigating monetary losses.

  • ACH Data Import and Preparation Scripts

Banking Op Risk Toolkit

Regulators are demanding a greater level of insight and awareness by directors about the risks they manage, and the effectiveness of the controls they have in place. Basel II, OCC’s Bank Supervision Handbooks, and SOX all mandate a focus on identifying, measuring, evaluating, controlling, and managing operational risks. In this toolkit we offer the tools necessary for managing your bank’s operational risk. Use standardized best practices to ensure risk is mitigated at all levels.

  • Bank Risk Assessment
  • Community Bank Risk Assessment
  • Financial Services - Banks & Lending Enterprise Risk Library

Banking Consumer Risk Toolkit

Addressing the depth and breadth of all applicable consumer protection regulations is challenging; but add in stringent exams, heavy fines, and restitutions and it quickly becomes a burden. This regulatory environment creates one of the most difficult and time-consuming compliance tasks facing financial institutions in the U.S. With this toolkit, HighBond comes pre-loaded with the highest-risk consumer protection regulations, along with best practices for testing controls. Also included are examiner's procedures to allow you to determine your compliance assurance and save time on reporting.

  • Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks - 12 CFR 229 (FRB Regulation CC)
  • Bank Holding Company Act (BHCA) - 12 CFR 225 (FRB Regulation Y)
  • BCFP Reg DD - Truth in Savings (12 CFR 1030)
  • BCFP Reg F - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (12 CFR 1006)
  • BCFP Reg G - S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act - Federal Registration of Residential Mortgage Loan Originators (12 CFR 1007)
  • BCFP Reg H - S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act - State Compliance and Bureau Registration System (12 CFR 1008)
  • BCFP Reg M - Consumer Leasing (12 CFR 1013)
  • CANSPAM Act Examination Procedures (FDIC 2014)
  • CFPB Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) 2013
  • CFPB Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices 2012
  • Community Reinvestment Act and Interstate Deposit Production Regulations (12 CFR 25)
  • Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) - 12 CFR 228 (FRB Regulation BB)
  • Debit Card Interchange Fees and Routing - 12 CFR 235 (FRB Regulation II)
  • Debt Collection (CFPB 2012)
  • Debt Collection Practices (15 U.S.C. 1692)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) - 12 CFR 1005 (FRB Regulation E)
  • Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (15 USC Ch. 96)
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act - 12 CFR 1002 (CFPB Regulation B)
  • E-SIGN Act Examination Procedures (FDIC 2014)
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (CFPB Regulation V)
  • Fair Housing Act (42 U.S.C. 45)
  • Flood Disaster Protection Act (OCC 2017)
  • FRS Reg H - Membership of State Banking Institutions in the Federal Reserve System (12 CFR 208)
  • GLBA Privacy Examination Procedures (CFPB 2016)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (CFPB Regulation P)
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) - 12 CFR 1003 (CFPB Regulation C)
  • Homeowners Protection Act (12 U.S.C 49)
  • Homeowners Protection Act (FDIC 2015)
  • Interagency Fair Lending (FFIEC 2009)
  • Interagency Truth in Lending Act (CFPB 2018)
  • Interagency Truth in Savings Act (CFPB 2012)
  • Loans to Executive Officers, Directors, and Principal Shareholders of Member Banks (12 CFR 215)
  • Military Lending Act (CFPB 2016)
  • Military Lending Act - Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents (32 CFR 232)
  • Minimum Security Devices and Procedures, Reports of Suspicious Activities, and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Program (12 CFR 21)
  • Mortgage Origination (CFPB 2015)
  • Privacy of Consumer Financial Information (12 CFR 1016)
  • Prohibition on Funding of Unlawful Internet Gambling (12 CFR 233)
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) - 12 CFR 1024 (CFPB Regulation X)
  • Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions - 12 CFR 204 (FRB Regulation D)
  • Restrictions on use of telephone equipment (47 USC 277)
  • S.A.F.E Act (CFPB 2012)
  • Servicemember Civil Relief Act (50 USC Ch. 50)
  • TCPA Examination Procedures (FDIC 2016)
  • Truth in Lending Act (TILA) - 12 CFR 1026 (CFPB Regulation Z)
  • UIGEA Examination Procedures (FDIC 2010)

FDIC Compliance Toolkit

Are you prepared for your next Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) examination? If the FDIC is your primary regulator, you’re aware its examinations cover a huge breadth of regulations around supervisory issues, safe and sound operations, compliance with fair lending, consumer protection, information technology, and trust operations. Galvanize has curated these regulations and examiner procedures to help you gain the assurance and oversight you need to be ready for your next FDIC examiner visit.

  • FDIC Equal Credit Opportunity Act Examination Checklist (2015)
  • FDIC FIL-50-2001 BTB Effective Practices for Selecting a Service Provider
  • FDIC FIL-50-2001 BTB Techniques for Managing Multiple Service Providers
  • FDIC FIL-50-2001 BTB Tools to Manage Technology Providers' Performance Risk: Service Level Agreements
  • FDIC Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA) Examination Checklist (2016)
  • FDIC Home Mortgage Disclosure Examination Checklist (2015)
  • FDIC Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA) 2016
  • FDIC Trust Examination Manual

Banking IT Risk Toolkit

With thousands of growing industry standards, policies, and regulatory requirements, keeping on top of your institution’s IT compliance can be daunting. This toolkit contains best practices and controls curated from the FDIC and FFIEC to help mitigate your cybersecurity, information security, vendor oversight, and privacy risks. Ensure your IT management and audits pass regulators examinations. Use the guidance from these curated standards to show greater oversight over your critical IT systems and proactively minimize your risk exposure.

  • FDIC Information Technology Risk Examination (InTREx)
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Audit 2012
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Business Continuity Planning 2015
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - E-Banking 2003
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Information Security 2016
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Management 2015
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Operations 2004
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Outsourcing Technology Services 2004
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Supervision of Technology Service Providers 2012
  • FFIEC IT Handbook - Wholesale Payment Systems 2004
  • NY Cybersecurity Requirements (23 NYCCR 500)

Safety & Soundness Toolkit

The Safety and Soundness toolkit has content sourced from the OCC's Comptroller's Handbook and is designed to help your organization manage and test the adequacy of your bank's internal controls.

  • Safety and Soundness - Allowances to Loans and Lease Losses
  • Safety and Soundness - Capital and Dividends
  • Safety and Soundness - Commercial Loans
  • Safety and Soundness - Corporate and Risk Governance
  • Safety and Soundness - Insider Activities
  • Safety and Soundness - Interest Rate Risk
  • Safety and Soundness - Liquidity
  • Safety and Soundness - Review of Income and Expense

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