Risk Management

Enterprise risk libraries and risk assessment frameworks

Curated industry specific risk libraries and frameworks to quickly set-up an organization's risk register

Regulators and boards alike are demanding greater insight and awareness on risks, and the effectiveness of the controls that have been put in place to better surface and mitigate these risk. They are demanding greater focus on identifying, measuring, evaluating and managing organization risk at every level. Galvanize's risk management toolkits allow you to use standardized best practices to ensure risk is mitigated at all levels.

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A toolkit is a curated set of tools aimed at addressing one area of risk or compliance.

For example, a toolkit might include a set of data analytics, a risk control framework, and a best practices program.

Banking Risk Management

Bank risk assessment frameworks and enterprise risk libraries for the identification and management of strategic and operational risk, including:

  • Bank Risk Assessment
  • Community Bank Risk Assessment
  • Safety and Soundness - Allowances to Loans and Lease Losses

Enterprise Risk Libraries

Risk libraries for enterprise risk management in Healthcare Providers, Manufacturing - Engineering and Technology, Financial Services - Banking and Lending, as well as General Risks which can apply to any organization.

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Security & IT Compliance

  • IT Risk and Compliance
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • ISO 2700X Toolkit

Regulatory Compliance

  • Banking Compliance
  • Financial Services Compliance
  • Federal Government Compliance

Audit & Internal Controls Management

  • Banking Audit
  • Financial Services Audit
  • Federal Government Audit


  • Resources
  • Pre-built Data Integration Robots
  • Pre-built Analysis Robots

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  • Rsam Regulatory Guidance