Robot Toolkits that automate data integration and analysis

Designed for continuous risk evaluations, controls testing, and compliance monitoring

Robot Toolkits are managed analytics programs for monitoring control gaps or uncovering critical risks. Integrate with common data sources, or set-up analysis for common control testing scenarios. Get the oversight you need to investigate, track, trend, and report.

As analytics-as-a-service, Robot Toolkits can be deployed and upgraded seamlessly as updates are built by Galvanize.

Included in the Content For Robotics

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A toolkit is a curated set of tools aimed at addressing one area of risk or compliance.

For example, a toolkit might include a set of data analytics, a risk control framework, and a best practices program.


Resources to get you started with Robotics:

  • A catalog of risk scenarios and tests collected from Galvanize initiatives worldwide. Categorized by process and industry and designed to enable organizations to measure and monitor process integrity. The Inspirations Library is a collaborative effort where Galvanize users can browse, contribute, and comment to spark ideas. Take a look through our Inspiration Library and get inspired!
  • ScriptHub is a growing collection of scripts solving more than 160 commonly asked questions. Scripts are created and shared by Galvanize users for import, preparation, and analysis with new content being added regularly. Check out all the scripts available in our ScriptHub Catalog.

Data Integration Robot Toolkits

Data Integration Robots automate the process of getting data from source systems, so you have a foundation to build your analytics program on. 

Integration Robots for:

Analysis Robot Toolkits

Analysis Robot Toolkits use the data acquired from data integrations to automate controls testing, fraud detection, and generate alerts for monitoring and follow-up. 

Automation Robots for:

  • User Access Controls Testing 
  • T&E Analysis for Concur
  • P2P Analysis for SAP ERP (Vendor Master)
  • P2P Analysis for Oracle eBS (Vendor Master)

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